SumiRiko Italy S.p.A.


Sumitomo Riko Company Limited is a member of Sumitomo Group (Ranked 14th place on Largest 100 OEM suppliers) with more than 80 year of experience in Automotive Components.

Founded:            December 1929
Capital:               ¥ 12,145 million (90 million euro)
Turnover:            3,542 billion euro (fiscal year 2016)
Work force:        about 24,000 worldwide

Listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange, TOPIX index

Higashi 3-1
485-8550 Aichi Prefecture
(Nagoya metropolitan area)

From October 1st 2014

sumitomo company

Sumitomo Riko product portfolio is spread between

Antivibration / Soundproof /

Hose & Low Emission solutions (SCR, Canister,..)

Our Global Footprint: 106 Plants over 23 Countries