SumiRiko Italy S.p.A.

The target of SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko quality policy is to supply products that satisfy customers requirements in the scheduled timing with fair costs. This policy has been followed in all departments, in all activities and with the direct participation of the entire staff.

The operation principles are based on:

  • Customer satisfaction through a continuous monitoring of the products in exercise behaviour, and through the Field Management’s activity.
  • The implementation of “Best Practices” for developing products always stronger, capitalizing daily experience.
  • Group of suppliers certificated, reliable and competitive with specific targets about qualitative aspects.
  • Continuous training activity of human resources and rigid application in the processes

SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko plants are certificated IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.

The fundamental points of the company’s policy are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Personnel satisfaction
  • Respect for the environment
  • Shareholder satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the organization’s fundamental objective, in order to consolidate and develop its position as a leading supplier in the automotive sector for the fuel, power steering and air-conditioning hose, vapor recovery filter, egr and steel pipes product lines. For this reason, the company is structured to understand and anticipate the customers’ needs, which are then translated and developed into formalized internal objectives.

For the pursuit of these objectives, the company’s activities, internal processes and structures are based on, and operate in conformity with, the following principles:

  • Product/process designs based on systematic preventioin activities
  • Planning adequate resources
  • Conformity of the product to the customers’ needs
  • Supply quality in terms of service, flexibility and reactivity
  • Optimization of quality management by considering the potential risks, costs and benefits for the company and the Customer
  • Ability to continuously improve internal processes by taking the customers’ indications under serious consideration.

Personnel Satisfaction

Personnel satisfaction, understood as a motivating the Human Resources to improve themselves and processes, their performance and involvement, is an indispensable tool for developing excellence in business. Satisfaction understood as a motivation is pursued through the following activities:

  • Communication/information
  • Systems for motivating and evaluating personnel
  • Training and educational experiences
  • Participation in the processes of global quality improvement.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment in which it operates is one of the mandates of the company, which has obtained environmental certification under ISO 14001 for all its sites, anticipating the requirements of the auto market. In observance of all applicable laws, environmental standards and other contractual requirements, the group acts to ensure:

  • The progressive reduction of polluting sources of pollution
  • continuous improvement and the prevention of pollution
  • The reduction and optimization of the consumption of natural resources and energy
  • The use of processes for producing goods that do not involve risks for environment and the worker safety
  • The realization and management of system that minimize environmental risks

Shareholder satisfaction

The company’s profitability is one of the prerequisites for itself continuity.
The Company maintains its profitability through:

  • Investments in technology and innovation for products and processes;
  • Constant attention to the reduction of waste and inefficiency;
  • A management control system suitable to monitoring the economic-financial indicators and ensure mechanisms for reacting in a timely manner

This is expressed through the implementation of the Company’s Quality Management System, which is a fundamental organizational tool and vehicle.
The company uses this tool for internal/external comparisons and analyzing the competition, which is an important support to improvement.


SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko is aware that environmental protection is basic for the development of its activities. Therefore SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko will is to respect every law carefully, every applicable environmental norm and any eventual underwritten requirement, to improve its own environmental performances, to prevent pollution, to improve the job environmental quality, to assure safety and health of its workers, of customers, and of the people living in that area.

In this point of view SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko has adopted an environmental management system, according to UNI-EN ISO 14001 norms, entrusting to Environment and Safety Management, responsibility for application and maintenance of this system.

  • For this reason SumiRiko Environmental Management is engaged to assure:
  • The progressive reduction of polluting sources that can generate environmental impacts on air, water and ground.
  • The continuous improvement and pollution prevention
  • The reduction and optimization of the natural resources and energy consumption
  • The use of processes for the production of goods without bringing any risk both to environment and the workers safety
  • Realization and management of system that reduce environmental risks
  • The sensitization and the involvement of its suppliers towards the environmental problems

The Top Management is aware that to achieve these targets it is necessary to dedicate suitable resources to the staff training and to the research and development of processes more and more compatible with environment.

SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko resolves, through an auditing system, to verify periodically environmental targets and goals adapting them to normative and company situation. This determination is shared from all the SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko workers and everyone for his own competences participates to the achievement of what has been above stated. SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko’s will is to develop a constructive dialogue with the social parts for the diffusion of its own policy and activities carried out in environmental and safety matters.

SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko annually proceeds to a re-examinations of the environmental management system in order to verify its adequacy and effectiveness.