SumiRiko Italy S.p.A.

Profit margins are increasingly under pressure in today’s global economy. Also for that reason SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko shareholders and directors increasingly expect Intellectual Property (I.P.) rights to contribute additional revenues and with this aim patent asset management is becoming a core responsibility in our group.

Since patent protection is expensive, it is important for us to distinguish the strategically important inventions from the relatively unimportant ones.Our objective criteria used to evaluate inventions at various stages include:

  • Understanding of the technical scope of the invention
  • Amount of work still to be done before commercial implementation
  • Ability to develop and implement the technology
  • Patentability
  • Scope of protection
  • Related patent position
  • Proof of infringement
  • Attractiveness for competitors
  • Alternative Technology
  • In house business interest and support to commercialise the invention
  • Cost saving
  • Revenue impact

SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko patent strategy is aligned with its business and R&D strategy.

Every three months our multifunctional team, including business manager, R&D and I.P. Functions is presenting and discussing proposed innovations. We carry out a strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats (SWOT) analysis where on the hand the patent portfolio is internally analyzed to check its quality, and on the patent position in externally analyzed vis-à-vis competitors innovation benchmarking to identify opportunities or threats.


SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko’s legal partner for Patent attorney is:

Studio Torta S.r.l.
Via Viotti 9
10121 Turin – Italy