SumiRiko Italy S.p.A.

The Automotive industry demands competitive systems that meet increasingly stringent regulations. SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko is committed to a partnership process that supports our customer’s global strategies. Continuosly enhancing its innovation capabilities, SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko supplies cutting-edge solutions, products and services.

SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko has developed, over time, leading position in most of the markets it serves by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and enabling our customers to meet new challenges taking in account always safety and cost targets, while reducing time-to-market.

In addition, it positions itself as a “solution provider” for its customers, able to design, test and manufacture full systems in close coordination with manufacturers’ own R&D departments. The key aspect of SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko success has been the cross-fertilization between the different platform divisions and with the entire Sumitomo Riko Group.

SumiRiko/Sumitomo Riko department count 73 people shared in designers, R&D labs, Material labs, Proto-shops and Road Test department. We invest every year 4,5 % of our turnover into innovation and research.

Increasingly high expectations are placed on modern vehicles, and our engineers rise to this challenge developping new products to anticipate and exceed the automotive industry’s specification