SumiRiko Italy S.p.A.

A global leader in Fuel & Gas System technology

Offering Fuel Pipe, Filler Neck, Carbon Canister, SCR, TOC, Air Conditioning, Hydraulic Power Steering solutions.

SumiRiko, a Sumitomo Riko company, provides a complete portfolio of solutions for fluid & gas feeding.Originating as a company dedicated to light duty solutions, our product line has expanded over time to include technology also for heavy duty applications, all developed with in house design, testing and manufacturing capabilities.  As leader in fuel & gas technologies, SumiRiko is planning now for the future through our key research and development activities, leveraging the experience and resources of our parent company to create products that meet or exceed the most current stringent quality and emissions standards.

SumiRiko is proud to be a key partner for leading OEMs such as FCA, GM, VW Group, Renault Nissan, PSA, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Vaz, Gaz, CNHi, Paccar, Daimler and Man.

Efficiency – both of cost and time – is critical, and by incorporating LEAN production manufacturing into SumiRiko’s zero-contamination, highly automated production line and across our business functions, we continuously work to meet the highest OEM standards and upgrade our service with high quality and reliability.